Professor Yong Man Ro received Ph.D. degree from the department of electrical engineering at KAIST. He was a researcher at Columbia University, a visiting researcher at the University of California, Irvine, and a research fellow at the department of electrical engineering and computer Sciences in the University of California, Berkeley. He was a visiting professor in The Edward S. Rogers Sr. department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Toronto. He is currently a full professor and the chair of signals and systems group of the department of electrical engineering in KAIST.

Prof. Ro is a senior member of IEEE, a member of ISMRM and SPIE. He received the young investigator finalist award of ISMRM in 1992 and the year scientist award (Korea) in 2003. He served as an associate editor for IEEE signal processing letters. He serves as an associate editor in transitions on data hiding and multimedia security (Springer-Verlag). He served as a TPC in many international conferences including the program chair of PCM2015 and IWDW 2004. He organized many special sessions including "Digital Photo Album Technology" in AIRS 2005, "Social Media" in DSP 2009 and "Human 3D Perception and 3D Video Assessments" in DSP 2011.

Experience ㆍProfessor in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
ㆍChair (fmr) of signals and systems group of the department of electrical engineering in KAIST
ㆍDepartment vice chair (fmr) in the department of electrical engineering in KAIST
ㆍAssociate editor (fmr) in IEEE signal processing letter
ㆍAssociate editor in transitions on data hiding and multimedia security (Springer-Verlag)
ㆍFounder and CEO of IVSYSTEM Co. LTd.
ㆍUniversity of Toronto, visiting professor
ㆍUniversity of California, Berkeley, research fellow
ㆍUniversity of California, Irvine, researcher
ㆍColumbia university, New York, researcher

Awards ㆍAward for Academic Excellence (KAIST), 2015
ㆍKAIST Merits Award, 2013
ㆍThe year’s Scientist Award (Korea), 2003
ㆍExcellence in New Technology Award, Korea ministry of information communication, 2003
ㆍDistinguished Scholar Award in Taejon University, 1995
ㆍYoung Investigator Finalist Award in ISMRM, 1992, U.S.A.
ㆍStudent Stipend in ISMRM, 1991, 1992, U.S.A.
ㆍAcademic Excellence Awards in Yonsei university during 1981, 1982, 1983, and 1984

Awards with Students ㆍRobert F. Wagner All Conference Best Student Paper FinalLists Award in SPIE Medical Imaging, 2018
ㆍBest Paper Award in IEEE/IEIE ICCE-Asia, 2018
ㆍBest 10% Paper Award in IEEE ICIP, 2015
ㆍBest Student Paper Award in PCM, 2015
ㆍHonorable Mention Poster Award in SPIE Medical Imaging, 2015
ㆍBest Poster Award in Global 3D Tech. Forum, 2013
ㆍHumanTech Paper Award in Samsung HumanTech., 2017
ㆍBronze Medal in Samsung HumanTech, 2011
ㆍThis Year’s Paper Award in Korea Information Processing Society, 2016
ㆍBest Paper Award in Korea Information Processing Society, 2016
ㆍTop Research Achievement Award in KAIST, 2012, 2013, 2016
ㆍBest Paper Award in Korea Society of Broadcast Engineers Conference, 2013
ㆍBest Paper Award in KISPS, 2009
ㆍBest Paper Award in KISP, 2006, 2007
ㆍBest Paper Award in Korea Multimedia Society, 2005, 2007, 2009 – 2017
ㆍBest Paper Award in Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, 2005

Research project-activities (since 2009) ㆍDevelopment of VR sickness reduction technique for enhanced sensitivity (Deep learning Approach) 
ㆍResearch on AI based Heterogeneous Data Fusion
ㆍDevelopment of Explainable Human-level Deep Machine Learning Inference Framework (Explainable XCAD) 
ㆍDeep learning based Automatic Object Detection
ㆍDevelopment of high performing emotion recognition and facial expression based authentication using deep network
ㆍDynamic Face Analysis in Invisible Time Scale
ㆍDeep Learning based Segmentation and Quantitative Measurement
ㆍDeep Learning based Real-time Abnormality Detection
ㆍSpatio Temporal Deep Network based Face Emotion Recognition
ㆍUltra-high Resolution Holographic Image Processing (Hologram using Sparse Fourier Transform)
ㆍDevelopment of face masking and face recognition techniques for surveillance and privacy reinforcements
ㆍDeep Learning Computer Aided Screening of Digital X-ray Image
ㆍDevelopment of Emotion Extraction and Classification for Human Centric Sensitivity Media TV
ㆍBiometric authentication using facial spatio-temporal dynamics
ㆍDeveloping Learning Emotions Recognition System using Face Expression Recognition
ㆍHuman Centric Sensitive and Healing Media TV Technology Plan
ㆍAutomatic Detecting Malicious Content
ㆍDevelopment of Mammography Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD)
ㆍ8K/Glass-free 3D TV : View generation Algorithm
ㆍDevelopment of Access Control-Face Detection/Recognition System
ㆍDevelopment of object recognition technology adaptive to low-power and wild environments
ㆍContent-aware Depth Control Algorithm for Enhancing Immersions with reduced discomfort
ㆍDevelopment of the Filtering Technology for Objectionable Streaming Contents on Smart Platform
ㆍDevelopment of High Performance Recognition with Big Data
ㆍAttention Segmentation in Video Sequence
ㆍDesign and Evaluation of a Semantic-Based System for Effective and Efficient Video Copy Detection in Large-Scale Video Repositories
ㆍVideo analysis using sparse representation and collective knowledge in video folksonomies
ㆍDeveloping Processing Steps for Automated Diagnosis of Free Fluids in Abdomen
ㆍPractical safety guideline for viewing 3DTV
ㆍDevelopment of Face Expression Recognition Engine
ㆍSoftware Development for Ultrasound Brain Imaging
ㆍDevelopment of online/real-time intelligent video analytics system for CCTV
ㆍDevelopment of Bag of Spatio-temporal Visual Words
ㆍDevelopment and standardization of Terrestrial Stereoscopic 3DTV Broadcasting System technology
ㆍVideo Indexing and Retrieval using Face Recognition
ㆍDevelopment of privacy preserving technique in face recognition system
ㆍMulti-energy X-ray Image Processing
ㆍGesture Recognition Robust to Environmental Variation
ㆍAnalysis and the development of feature extraction algorithm of user generated malicious image/video

Research Area ㆍDeep learning and machine learning on Image processing and computer vision
ㆍHigh-performance face recognition, Emotion recognition
ㆍAutomatic object and action detection/recognition
ㆍMedical image processing and Computer Aided Diagnostic (CAD) systems
ㆍ3D rendering/processing, S3D quality measurement
ㆍVideo signature/video analysis
ㆍLarge scale image/video retrieval.