Previous Research Topics

Title Interpretable (Explainable) Deep Learning
Content ㆍXCAD (Explainable Computer Aided Diagnosis)
ㆍInvestigating Interpretability of Deep Networks
Title Deep learning object detection/recognition
Content ㆍVisual Question Answering using Adaptive Attention Fusion Network
ㆍMedical Image Segmentation by using Iterative Deep Encoder-Decoder Network
ㆍSpatial-temporal Deep Feature Representation
ㆍMultiple Input Space Learning
ㆍDeep learning Landmark Detection
ㆍTwo-step Learning of Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Discriminative Face Recognition under Varying Illumination
ㆍLearning based hole filling method using deep convolutional neural network for view synthesis
ㆍLatent Feature Representation With 3-d Multi-view Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Bilateral Analysis In Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
ㆍPose-robust and Discriminative Feature Representation by Multi-task Deep Learning for Multi-view Face Recognition
Title Free view - 3D view/video generation
Content ㆍVisual Quality Assessment of Synthesized 3D video for Free-viewpoint TV
ㆍRecent Result for 3D Free view generation for in IVY Lab(2015)
ㆍFast Temporally Consistent 3D Video Generation for 3D Video Contents
ㆍMulti-view 3D Video Synthesis with Spatio-Temporal Consistency and Binocular Symmetry for Free-viewpoint TV
ㆍ3D Geometric Transformation based View Synthesis for Wide Angle View
Title Visual Recognition
Content ㆍIntra-Class Variation Reduction for Subject Independent Facial Expression Recognition Collaborative Face Recognition in Social Network Site (SNS)
ㆍVideo Face Recognition for Surveillance System
ㆍFace Detection for Low Power Event Detection in Surveillance System
ㆍVideo Face Recognition for Surveillance System
ㆍFacial Emotion Recognition Using Color Texture Sparsity
ㆍFacial Age Classification for Unconstrained Face Images
ㆍLicense Plate Detection and Recognition for Degraded Surveillance Videos
ㆍImage Matching and Annotation Using Folksonomy
Title 3D image/video processing
Content ㆍAttention model-based visual comfort assessment for stereoscopic 3D videos
ㆍPsychological vision experiments for visual discomfort measurement in stereoscopic displays
ㆍStereoscopic 3D quality analyzer and advanced depth control in stereoscopic displays
ㆍStereoscopic video analyzer, stereo video capture system
ㆍVisual comfort amelioration for 3D image/video
ㆍDisparity estimation, 3D image/video rendering, TOF depth camera fusion
Title Medical image processing (CAD: computer aided detection and diagnosis)
Content ㆍDeep Learning- Automatic Malignancy Detection
ㆍImage enhancement
ㆍSuspicious region (mass and microcalcification) segmentation
ㆍDevelopment of multiresolution local texture features for mass classification
ㆍBoosting based Ensemble classifier modeling(design)
ㆍMammography Computer Aided Detection (CAD)
ㆍConspicuity-improved Synthetic Image generation for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)
ㆍMicrocalcification enhancement for detection in DBT projection views
ㆍFeature extraction of DBT projection views
ㆍDBT Computer Aided Detection (CAD)
Title Color Face Recognition
Content ㆍColor Face Recognition Algorithms for Low-resolution faces
ㆍInvestigation of Mismatch Effects on Color Face Recognition Algorithms
ㆍColor Face Recognition Algorithms Using Feature Selection
ㆍDevelopment of Color Local Texture Features for Color Face Recognition
Title Digital Broadcasting
Content ㆍMobile MPEG-7 Application System
ㆍSemantic based Video Summary
ㆍMPEG-21 based Digital Broadcasting Contents
Title Content adaptation
Content ㆍColor Adaptation
ㆍModality Conversion Preference And QoS
Title Video Near Duplication Detection
Content ㆍRealtime near copy detection
ㆍSemantic video signature
ㆍHigh performance near copy detection of video
Title Biometric Data Processing
Content ㆍBiometric based authentication system
ㆍPrivacy preservation of biometric data template
Title Face Indexing and Search in Multimedia Contents
Content ㆍFace Annotation in Personal Photos by Leveraging Context to Face Recognition
ㆍCollaborative Face Recognition in Online Social Networks
ㆍFace Indexing and Search in Personal Videos using Fusion of Multiple Face observations
ㆍFace indexing Toward IPTV services
ㆍFace indexing Toward IPTV services
Title Ubiquitous Multimedia Processing
Content ㆍUbiquitous Watermarking
ㆍActive Media
Title Media Transcoding
Content ㆍRelated contents
Title Semantic based Video Analysis
Content ㆍSemantic video categorization
ㆍSemantic concept detection using collective knowledge
ㆍVideo copy detection using semantic signature
Title Privacy Protection
Content ㆍPrivacy protection in video content
ㆍVideo scrambling techniques
ㆍPersonal information based content sharing
Title Medical Imaging
Content ㆍComputer Aided Diagnosis(CAD)
ㆍInternet Adaptation Tools for Color Deficiency
Title Image and Video Processing
Content ㆍCompressed Domain Video Processing
ㆍImage / Video contents Indexing and retrieval
Title Multimedia Communication
Content ㆍRelated Contents
Title Matching Pursuit Image/Video Coding
Content ㆍLow Bit Rate Coding
ㆍAdaptive Coding in MRI
ㆍMotion Suppression by localization using wavelet transform
Title 3D video, Image Reconstruction and Enhancement
Content ㆍPhase dependent contrast Enhancement
ㆍWindowed Fourier Transform Reconstruction
ㆍAdaptive Image Reconstruction
Title Functional Imaging
Content ㆍWavelet based functional signal anaysis
ㆍTailored RF pulsing to enhance susceptibility effect in functional imaging