Top-tier Conferences

No. 3
Title Learning Spatio-temporal Features with Partial Expression Sequences for on-the-Fly Prediction
Date Feb. 2018
Authors Wisam J.Baddar and Yong Man Ro
Publisher AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) 2018
No. 2
Title Micro-Expression Recognition with Expression-State Constrained Spatio-Temporal Feature Representations
Date Oct, 2016
Authors Dae Hoe Kim, Wissam J. Baddar and Yong Man Ro
Publisher ACM multimedia 2016
No. 1
Title Subtle Facial Expression Recognition Using Adaptive Magnification of Discriminative Facial Motion
Date Oct. 2015
Authors Sung Yeong Park, Seung Ho Lee, Yong Man Ro
Publisher ACM Multimedia 2015, Brisbane
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