International Conferences

No. 4
Title NMR Angiography Using Susceptibility Effect Produced by Deoxyhemoglobin
Date 1991
Authors Y. M. Ro and Z. H. Cho
Publisher 251, Tenth SMRM, 1991.
No. 3
Title ECG Synchronized Fourier Transform NMR Velocity Spectrum Imaging
Date 1989
Authors K. J. Jung, Y. M. Ro, and Z. H. Cho
Publisher 890, Eighth SMRM, 1989.
No. 2
Title Chemical Shift Imaging with Automatic Phase Correction
Date 1989
Authors Y. M. Ro, W. S. Kim, M. H. Cho, and Z. H. Cho
Publisher 443, Ninth SMRM, 1989.
No. 1
Title Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility Effect in High Field NMR Imaging
Date 1987
Authors H. W. park, Y. M. Ro and Z.H. Cho
Publisher 778, Sixth SMRM, 1987.
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