International Conferences

No. 7
Title Susceptibility Effect Imaging Using Spectral Decomposition
Date 1992
Authors Y. M. Ro and z. H. Cho
Publisher 4273, Eleventh SMRM, 1992.
No. 6
Title Concentric Square Raster Sampling (CSRS) Image Reconstruction and It's Application to Flow Artifacts Correction
Date 1992
Authors Z. H. Cho, Y. M. Ro and J. G. Kim
Publisher 4520, Eleventh SMRM,1992.
No. 5
Title Application of Quadratic RF Pulses for The Susceptibility Artifact Reduction in Gradient Echo Imaging
Date 1991
Authors Z. H. Cho and Y. M. Ro
Publisher 270, Tenth SMRM, 1991.
No. 4
Title NMR Angiography Using Susceptibility Effect Produced by Deoxyhemoglobin
Date 1991
Authors Y. M. Ro and Z. H. Cho
Publisher 251, Tenth SMRM, 1991.
No. 3
Title ECG Synchronized Fourier Transform NMR Velocity Spectrum Imaging
Date 1989
Authors K. J. Jung, Y. M. Ro, and Z. H. Cho
Publisher 890, Eighth SMRM, 1989.
No. 2
Title Chemical Shift Imaging with Automatic Phase Correction
Date 1989
Authors Y. M. Ro, W. S. Kim, M. H. Cho, and Z. H. Cho
Publisher 443, Ninth SMRM, 1989.
No. 1
Title Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility Effect in High Field NMR Imaging
Date 1987
Authors H. W. park, Y. M. Ro and Z.H. Cho
Publisher 778, Sixth SMRM, 1987.
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