International Journals

No. 111
Title Experimental investigation of the effect of binocular disparity on the visibility threshold of asymmetric noise in stereoscopic viewing
Date Aug. 2016
Authors Hak Gu Kim, Seong-il Lee(equally contributed) and Yong Man Ro
Publisher Optics Express vol.24, no.17, pp.19607 - 19615
No. 110
Title Critical binocular asymmetry measure for perceptual quality assessment of synthesized stereo 3D images in view synthesis
Date Jul. 2016
Authors Yong Ju Jung, Hak Gu Kim, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, vol. 26, pp. 1201-1214
No. 109
Title Collaborative expression representation using peak expression and intra class variation face images for practical subject-independent emotion recognition in videos
Date Jun. 2016
Authors Seung Ho Lee, Wissam J. Baddar, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher Pattern Recognition, vol. 54, pp. 52-67
No. 108
Title Feature scalability for a low complexity face recognition with unconstrained spatial resolution
Date Jun. 2016
Authors Hyung-Il Kim, Seung Ho Lee, Jae-Young Choi and Yong Man Ro
Publisher Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 75, no. 12, pp.6887-6908
No. 107
Title Classifier Ensemble Generation and Selection with Multiple Feature Representations for Classification Applications in Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis on Mammography
Date Mar. 2016
Authors Jae Young Choi, Dae Hoe Kim, Konstantinos N Plataniotis, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 46, pp. 106-121
No. 106
Title Partial Matching of Facial Expression Sequence Using Over-complete Transition Dictionary for Emotion Recognition
Date Jan. 2016
Authors Seung Ho Lee, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, vol.7 no.4, pp.389-408
No. 105
Title Detection of masses in digital breast tomosynthesis using complementary information of simulated projection
Date Dec. 2015
Authors Seong Tae Kim, Dae Hoe Kim, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher Medical Physics, vol. 42, pp. 7043-7058
No. 104
Title Improving mass detection using combined feature representations from projection views and reconstructed volume of DBT and boosting based classification with feature selection
Date Nov. 2015
Authors Dae Hoe Kim, Seong Tae Kim, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol. 60, pp.8809-8832
No. 103
Title Image-based coin recognition using rotation-invariant region binary patterns based on gradient magnitudes
Date Oct. 2015
Authors Semin kim, Seung Ho Lee, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, vol. 32, pp. 217-223
No. 102
Title Towards a Physiology-based Measure of Visual Discomfort: Brain Activity Measurement While Viewing Stereoscopic Images with Different Screen Disparities
Date Sep. 2015
Authors Yong Ju Jung, Dongchan Kim, Hosik Sohn, Seong-il Lee, Hyun Wook Park, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, vol. 11, no. 9, pp. 730-743
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