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Subject Medical imaging and face/emotion recognition workshop has been held
Date 2012-11-09

As a part of the joint research with Multimedia Lab in University of Toronto, the workshop for medical imaging and face/emotion recognition has been held. The detail information of the workshop is as below.

-Time: 2012.10.10~10.11
-Venue: LG semicon hall at KAIST

-Face/emotion Recognition-
1) Face recognition using sparse representation (presenter: Seung Ho Lee)
2) Emotion recognition using sparse representation (presenter: Hyungil Kim)

-Medical Imaging-
1) Ultrasound CAD (presenter: Dae Hoe Kim)
2) Micro Calcification detection (presenter: Wonyong Eom)
3) Mass detection using sparse representation (presenter: Seung Hyun Lee)
4) Mass classification using learned dictionary (presenter: Seong Tae Kim)