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Subject [ICCV 2023] Lip Reading for Low-resource Languages by General Speech Knowledge (by Minsu Kim and Jeong Hun Yeo) is accepted in ICCV 2023
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Date 2023-07-17
Title: Lip Reading for Low-resource Languages by Learning and Combining General Speech Knowledge and Language-specific Knowledge

Authors: Minsu Kim*, Jeong Hun Yeo*, Jeongsoo Choi, and Yong Man Ro (* equally contributed)

This paper proposes a novel lip reading framework, especially for low-resource languages, which has not been well addressed in the previous literature. Since low-resource languages do not have enough video-text paired data to train the model to have sufficient power to model lip movements and language, it is regarded as challenging to develop lip reading models for low-resource languages. In order to mitigate the challenge, we try to learn general speech knowledge, the ability to model lip movements, from a high-resource language through the prediction of speech units. It is known that different languages partially share common phonemes, thus general speech knowledge learned from one language can be extended to other languages. Then, we try to learn language-specific knowledge, the ability to model language, by proposing Language-specific Memory-augmented Decoder (LMDecoder). LMDecoder saves language-specific audio features into memory banks and can be trained on audio-text paired data which is more easily accessible than video-text paired data. Therefore, with LMDecoder, we can transform the input speech units into language-specific audio features and translate them into texts by utilizing the learned rich language knowledge. Finally, by combining general speech knowledge and language-specific knowledge, we can efficiently develop lip reading models even for low-resource languages. Through extensive experiments using five languages, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, the effectiveness of the proposed method is evaluated.