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Subject [Frontiers in Medicine] Deep learning-based classification for Ophthalmology (Hyebin Lee) is accepted in Frontiers in Medicine
Name 관리자
Date 2023-05-19
Title: Deep learning-based classification system of bacterial keratitis and fungal keratitis using anterior segment images

Authors:  Yeo Kyoung Won*, Hyebin Lee*, Youngjun Kim, Gyule Han, Tae-Young Chung, Yong Man Ro and Dong Hui Lim
(* equal contributor)

Introduction: Infectious keratitis is a vision threatening disease. Bacterial and fungal keratitis are often confused in the early stages, so right diagnosis and optimized treatment for causative organisms is crucial. Antibacterial and antifungal medications are completely different, and the prognosis for fungal keratitis is even much worse. Since the identification of microorganisms takes a long time, empirical treatment must be started according to the appearance of the lesion before an accurate diagnosis. Thus, we developed an automated deep learning (DL) based diagnostic system of bacterial and fungal keratitis based on the anterior segment photographs using two proposed modules, Lesion Guiding Module (LGM) and Mask Adjusting Module (MAM)