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Subject [IEEE CSVT] Robust Video Frame Interpolation (by Minho, Hak Gu, and Sangmin) is accepted in IEEE CSVT
Date 2020-03-05
Title: Robust Video Frame Interpolation with Exceptional Motion Map
Authors: Minho Park, Hak Gu Kim, Sangmin Lee, and Yong Man Ro,

Video frame interpolation has increasingly attracted attention in computer vision and video processing fields. When motion patterns in a video are complex, large and non-linear (exceptional motion), the generated intermediate frame is blurred and likely to have large artifacts. In this paper, we propose a novel video frame interpolation considering the exceptional motion patterns. The proposed video frame interpolation takes into account an exceptional motion map that contains the location and intensity of the exceptional motion. The proposed method consists of three parts, which are optical flow based frame interpolation, exceptional motion detection, and frame refinement. The optical flow based frame interpolation predicts an optical flow which is used to synthesize the pre-generated intermediate frame. The exceptional motion detection detects the position and intensity of complex and large motion with the current frame and the previous frame sequence. The frame refinement focuses on the exceptional motion region of the pre-generated intermediate frame by using the exceptional motion map. The proposed video frame interpolation can be robust against the exceptional motion including complex and large motion. Experimental results showed that the proposed video frame interpolation achieved high performance on various public video datasets and especially on videos with exceptional motion patterns.