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Subject [ICIP 2019] Physiological Fusion Net (by Sangmin Lee) is accepted in IEEE ICIP2019
Date 2019-05-01
Title: Physiological Fusion Net: Quantifying Individual VR Sickness with Content Stimulus and Physiological Response

Authors: Sangmin Lee, Seongyeop Kim, Hak Gu Kim, Min Seob Kim, Seokho Yun, Bumseok Jeong, Yong Man Ro

Abstract: Quantifying VR sickness is demanded in VR industry to address viewing safety issue. In this paper, we develop a new method to quantify VR sickness. We propose a novel physiological fusion deep network which estimates individual VR sickness with content stimulus and physiological response. In the proposed framework, content stimulus guider and physiological response guider are devised to effectively represent feature related with VR sickness. Deep stimulus feature from the content stimulus guiders reflects the content sickness tendency while deep physiology feature from the physiological response guider reflects the individual sickness characteristics. By combining those features, VR sickness predictor quantifies individual SSQ scores. To evaluate the performance of the proposed method, we built a new dataset that consists of 360-degree videos with physiological signals and SSQ scores. Experimental results show that the proposed method achieved meaningful correlation with human subjective scores.