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Subject [Medical Physics] TVUS Segmentation using key-point discriminator deep network (by Hong Joo Lee and Hyenok Park) is accepted in Medical Physics
Date 2019-04-13
New segmentation deep network has been accepted as regular paper in Medical Physics.
The title is "Endometrium Segmentation on TVUS Image Using Key-point Discriminator". The paper contribution is to propose new key-point discriminator network for a robust segmentation on unclear medical object such as the endometrium on TVUS image. The endometrium on TVUS image has unclear boundary and very heterogeneous texture pattern so it is very challenge to be segmented. The new segmentation method with the proposed key-point discriminator can solve the problem and it very useful to measure/diagnose unclear medical object in a tough imaging condition.
This paper has been written by Hong Joo Lee, Hyenok Park, , Hak Gu Kim, and Yong Man Ro in KAIST and Dongkuk Shin in Samsung Medison and Sa Ra Lee in Ewha Womans University School of Medicine, and Sung Hoon Kim in Asan Medical Center, and Mikyung Kong in Yonsei Univ College of Medicine. Hong Joo and Hyenok are first authors who are equally contributed.