Deep learning VR quality assessment result (by Hak Gu Kim)has been accepted as oral in ACM VRST 2017    [2017-09-05]
Spatial Recurrent network result (by Seong Tae Kim) has been accepted as oral to IEEE BIOSIG 2017    [2017-09-05]
2018년 전기 학생모집    [2017-08-17]
Modality-bridge transfer learning (done by Hak Gu Kim) has been accepted to CISP-BMEI 2017    [2017-08-10]
New object tracking with Triplet CNN (done by Jung Uk Kim) has been accepted to ACM MM Workshop 2017    [2017-07-17]
Demo video: Ultra Fast CGH Calculation using Sparse FFT    [2017-05-15]