Jung Uk Kim received the best paper award of Korea Multimedia Society    [2017-11-29]
Ultrafast CG Hologram generation result(by Hak Gu Kim) has been accepted in journal (Optics Express)    [2017-11-13]
Spatio-temporal Features for on-the-Fly Prediction (by Wisam J.Baddar)has been accepted in AAAI 2018    [2017-11-09]
Convolution with logarithmic filter groups (by Tae Kwan Lee) has been accepted as oral in MMM 2018    [2017-11-06]
Compact deep learning paper (by Hongjoo,Lee) has been accepted as oral presentation in MMM 2018    [2017-11-06]
ICADx: interpretable CAD in deep learning work (by Seong Tae, Hakmin)accepted as oral in SPIEMI 2018    [2017-10-08]