International Journals

No. 49
Title Semantic Categorization of Digital Home Photo Using Photographic Region Templates
Date Mar. 2007
Authors Seungji Yang, Sang-Kyun Kim, Kyong Sok Seo, Yong Man Ro, Ji-Yeon Kim, and Yang Suk Seo
Publisher Information Processing and Management, Vol.43, No.2, pp.503-514, Mar. 2007 . (SCI)
No. 48
Title Semantic Home Photo Categorization
Date Mar. 2007
Authors S. Yang, S. K. Kim, and Y. M. Ro
Publisher IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology , Vol.17, Issue 3, pp, 298-312, Mar. 2007 . (SCI)
No. 47
Title Multiple Region-of-Interest support in Scalable Video Coding
Date Apr. 2007
Authors Tae Meun Bae, Trong Cong Thang, Duck Yeon Kim, Yong Man Ro, Jung Won Kang, Jae Gon Kim
Publisher ETRI journal Vol. 28, No.2, pp.239-242, April 2006 (SCI)
No. 46
Title Intelligent Broadcasting System and Services for Personalized Semantic Contents Consumption
Date July. 2006
Authors Sung Ho Jin, Tae Meon Bae, Yong Man Ro, Hoi-Rin Kim, and Munchurl Kim
Publisher Expert system with applications, 2006 Expert system with applications, Vol. 31, pp. 164-173, July 2006 (SCI)
No. 45
Title A Microcalcification Detection Using Adaptive Contrast Enhancement on Wavelet Transform and Neural Network
Date Mar. 2006
Authors Hokyung Kang, Yong Man Ro, Sung Min Kim
Publisher IEICE TRANS. on Information & Systems ,Vol.E89-D,NO.3 pp.1280 - 1287 March 2006 (SCI)
No. 44
Title Meaningful Scene Filtering for TV Terminals
Date Feb. 2006
Authors Sung Ho Jin, Jun Ho Cho, Yong Man Ro
Publisher IEEE Transaction on Consumer Electronics (IEEE), vol. 52, No.1, pp. 263-268 February 2006 (SCI)
No. 43
Title Scalable Protection and Access Control in Full Scalable Video Coding
Date 2006
Authors Yong Geun Won, Tae Meon Bae, Yong Man Ro
Publisher LNCS Vol.4283, pp.407-421 , 2006 (SCI)
No. 42
Title Visual Content Adaptation According to User Perception Characteristics
Date 2005
Authors Jeho Nam,Yong Man Ro, Youngsik Huh, and Munchurl Kim
Publisher IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, VOL. 7, NO. 3, pp. 435-445, 2005
No. 41
Title Effective adaptation of multimedia documents with modality conversion
Date 2005
Authors T. C. Thang, Y. J. Jung, Y. M. Ro
Publisher Signal Processing: Image Communication Journal, Vol. 20, Issue 5, pp.413-434,
No. 40
Title Modality conversion for QoS management in Universal Multimedia Access
Date 2005
Authors T. C. Thang, Y. J. Jung, Y. M. Ro
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