International Journals

No. 33
Title Automatic Photo Indexing Based on Person Identity
Date 2005
Authors Seungji Yang, Kyung Sok Seo, Sang Kyun Kim, Yong Man Ro, Ji-Yeon Kim, Yang Suk Seo
Publisher LNCS3768, pp,. 877~888, 2005
No. 32
Title Improving Visual Accessibility for Color Vision Deficiency Based on MPEG-21
Date 2004
Authors Seungji Yang, Yong Man Ro, Jeho Nam, Jinwoo Hong, Sang Yul Choi, and Jin-Hak Lee
Publisher ETRI Journal, Vol.25, No.3, pp.195-202, 2004.
No. 31
Title Metadata Hiding for Content Adaptation
Date 2004
Authors Yong Ju Jung, Ho Kyoung Kang, Yong Man Ro
Publisher LNCS 2939, pp 456-467
No. 30
Title Color Adaptation for Anomalous Trichromats
Date 2004
Authors Yong Man Ro, Seungji Yang
Publisher International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, vol.14, 16-20, May. 2004.
No. 29
Title Robust Contrast Enhancement for Microcalcification in Mammography
Date 2004
Authors Ho-Kyung Kang, Nguyen N. Thanh, Sung-Min Kim, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher LNCS 3045, pp. 602-610, 2004.
No. 28
Title Adaptive Microcalcification Detection in Computer Aided Diagnosis
Date 2004
Authors Ho-Kyung Kang, Sung-Min Kim, Nguyen N. Thanh,Yong Man Ro, and Won-Ha Kim
Publisher LNCS 3039, pp. 1110-1117, 2004.
No. 27
Title Automatic Video Genre Detection for Content-based Authoring
Date 2004
Authors Sung Ho Jin, Tae Meon Bae, and Yong Man Ro
Publisher LNCS 3331, pp.335-343, 2004.
No. 26
Title Video Segmentation using Hidden Markov Model with Multimodal Features
Date 2004
Authors Tae Meon Bae, Sung Ho Jin, Yong Man Ro
Publisher LNCS 3115, pp.401-409, 2004.
No. 25
Title Enhancement Methods of Image Quality in Screen Mark Attack
Date 2004
Authors Ki Hyun Kim, Yong Man Ro
Publisher LNCS 2939, pp 495-503, 2004
No. 24
Title Novel Watermark Embedding Technique based on Human Visual System
Date Nov. 2003
Authors Yong Ju Jung, Yong Man Ro
Publisher IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, Vol. E86-A, No.11, pp.2903-2907, Nov. 2003
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